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1820 South MacArthur Blvd., Springfield, IL 62704

Providing a Unique Shopping Experience for You!

Flip Flops Consignment Shop’s goal is to bring affordable fashion into people’s lives and homes. As a mother of seven, owner Val Kessler understands the importance of home and family, first hand. A retired nurse, it has always been her dream to own a consignment shop to help other growing families and individuals find affordable items that fit their unique style and needs.

Val Kessler, Mother of 7 and owner of Flip Flops

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Acquired in 2012, Flip Flops has continued to stay committed to its goal and has earned a reputation for integrity by following trends and treating customers right. Additionally, we display a passion for the industry by passing on our knowledge to all that ask. Think of us next time you’re in need of a trendy, classic, vintage, antique, or modern item, and stop by to browse our selection of treasures at Flip Flops Consignment Shop!

Flip Flop Consignment Shop Springfield IL